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End of the Seasons


object installation

End of the Seasons
End of the Seasons

End of the Seasons

Object installation, two interrelated works: a single LP cover (photo print and yellow plastic) and 80 LP covers in yellow spot light

The basic work is a fictive LP cover, endowing a nonexistent musical piece with nonexistent content on a nonexistent audio record. Thus, the work of art would be the title itself – the only real factor –, if it didn’t enter into a strong relation with the cover photo and with the subtle play between the photo and the pseudo-LP via the large hole cut into the cover.

Inserted into the cover, the blank yellow plastic disk turns into an emblematic spot of colour in the black and white photo, right above the female figure sprawled across the organ’s bench, “not playing any more”.

The installation bearing the same title is made up of 80 such LP covers, and the holes on the covers constitute a tunnel towards a single yellow light source.


Exhibition view: Modem, Debrecen, 2010

Photo: Tamás Gerő