Hajnal Németh

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video and object installation



Video and object installation, projection on mdf plates, 2008

Each of two symmetrically placed mdf boards have three round holes of various sizes cut in them, just like the front plates of loudspeaker cabinets that are cut out to house speakers. There are, however, no speakers here, nor loudspeakers, only imaginary ones evoked by the shape and position of the carved-out boards.

The two logo-like signs at the bottom of the boards serve to reinforce this reference, as if the nonexistent pair of loudspeakers were of two different brands: “absolutely” “none” – read together the appear to be more of a tautological statement than brand names.

Taking abstraction as an approach, the two ghost-loudspeakers assert themselves as references rather than statements. Formally, however, they are present more as panels for dividing space or masking out light; panels, that on a fictive level isolate the internal space of sound production from the external space of sound reception, while on the level of reality project their own distorted shadow on the wall, blocking the way of light.

They are at once a gate and a wall, a symmetrical torso, a gigantic “Butterfly” spreading its wings, engulfed by its pulsating red and pink aura. The regular system of colours alternating and repeating in an extremely slow rhythm, and thus creating profound harmony, is broken by momentary flashes of David Bowie’s on-stage silhouette: a body wedged between wings flashes up for periods just above the threshold of perception, as if it were the sense behind the pre-produced symmetrical-geometrical machine.


Exhibition view: Modem, Debrecen, 2010

Photo: Tamás Gerő