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    Modified LP cover reproductions titled „Peace Versions” (2016) presented at the exhibition „White Song” at Trafó Gallery in Budapest in 2017.

    The series, featuring oversized photographic reproductions of LP covers, are based on a special selection of albums. The reproductions of these musically, cultural historically or visually emblematic albums have been subject to minimal yet substantial modifications. In some cases the camera lens has been set extremely blurred, in others the angle of view has been focused on details of printing raster, or the reproduction of the entire cover has been recoloured or inverted. “While varying the colours of the cover’ image I raised the question if peace could have different versions at all.”

    Hajnal Németh, “Peace Versions”, 2016
Photo series, 4 pieces of 50 x 50 cm, fine art print mounted on aluminium, in wooden frames
Modified LP cover image in four versions: modified and oversized photographic reproductions of the cover of the album “Live Peace in Toronto” by The Plastic Ono Band, 1969

    Installation view by Miklós Surányi