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    Video released in 2017, a recorded version of the performance „White Song” by Hajnal Németh.

    The performance “White Song” is based on the transcript of Roy Harper’s song “I Hate The White Man” (1970), and based on the significance of the comma as a punctuation mark. From the original song Németh abstracted single parts from the refrain and in some cases changed the white colour to red, yellow or black. But a much more minimal, yet major improvement is the insertion of a comma between colour and man, which completely changes the meaning of the sentence, and thus the statement of the song.

    Hajnal Németh, “White Song”, 2017
Video version of the performance, HD, stereo,13′
Performed by: Christian Bringzen (guitar), Peter D’Elia (vocals, guitar)

    Video still by Ágnes Pákozdi