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    Installation as part of the solo exhibition “Simultaneous City” by Hajnal Németh at EBENSPERGER Berlin in 2019.

    The series of 25 photographs titled “Sabine, Sabine” forms the first segment of the project “Simultaneous City”. Similarly to mass-printed street posters, the work repeats a single motif in a contiguous row. However, the repetition is illusory, as each poster is minimally different: they depict 25 phases of a single movement. The head of a young blonde woman turns from right to left, thus the first and last image in the series shows two opposite profiles, while the central images show the face in frontal view.

    Hajnal Németh, “Sabine, Sabine”, 2019
Installation, photo panel, 25 fine art prints mounted on aluminium, 1250 x 70 cm
Based on the poem “Blonde City” by Sándor Tar (1969, Dresden)
    Part of the project “Simultaneous City” (2019 – 2021)

    Exhibition view by Sebastian Hoffmann