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    Solo exhibition featuring the work „Simultaneous City” (2021) at DMK – Csokonai Literary Lab in Debrecen in 2022.

    Hajnal Németh’s video installation “Simultaneous City” (2021) evokes Sándor Tar’s poem “Blonde City” (1969) in a linguistic and musical context. The gist of the experimental performance shown in the two-channel video screening is the multiple simultaneous interpretation of the poem from Hungarian into German, complemented by an improvised musical performance. The video was shot in the recording studio itself, where the different sound tracks were recorded simultaneously in isolated spaces.

    Hajnal Németh, “Simultaneous City”, 2021
    Two-channel video installation with quadraphonic sound, 4k, 27’37”
    Based on the poem “Blonde City” by Sándor Tar, 1969, Dresden
    Contributors: Tamás Keresztes (reading), André Vida (music), Júlia Máté, Péter Máté and Ádám Kerpel-Fronius (simultaneous translations)

    Photo by Csaba Jóvér