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    Video released in 2022, a recorded version of the performance „Five Songs, One End” (2021) by Hajnal Németh.

    The idea of „Five Songs, One End” (2021) by Hajnal Németh is based on a brief instruction forming the score of Tomas Schmit’s piece “Two Compositions to Justify a Performance” (1964). The adaptation, however, departs significantly from the original concept. The original instruction reads as follows: At the beginning of a performance announce: „END!”, and at the end: „NOW IT STARTS AGAIN!” In Németh’s interpretation, the ending is an improvisatory process filling the duration of the performance, in which five singers repeat the last line of five songs continuously and in different variations.

    Hajnal Németh, „Five Songs, One End”, 2022
    Video version of the piece, a performance for five singers, 4k, stereo, 13’30”
    Performed by: Tobias Christl, Júlia Koffler, Erik Leuthäuser, Fama M’Boup and Dora Osterloh

    Video still by Eric Ferranti