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    Performance in the framework of the festival „We Are All Emotional!” curated by tranzit.org and organized by tranzit.cz / Matter of Art at Divadlo X10 in Prague in 2022.

    Piece for seven actors, performed as a casting, as a selection for a role. However, the role cannot be defined because the performers do not play a specific person, but rather the innermost world of an unknown person, and the casting has no purpose because in the end no one is selected. The score of the piece is briefly as follows: In roughly five-minute rounds, each actor tells another actor’s dream as her/his own, without knowing whose dream she/ he is performing.

    Hajnal Németh, „Dream Exchanges”, 2022
    Casting performance, approx. 40 min
    Performed by: Anna Datiashvili, Simona Levandovská, Adam Mensdorff, Alžběta Nováková, Šimon Pliska, Jan Staněk and Barbora Váchová
    Music by Pavel Hrala

    Photo by Tereza Havlínková