Hajnal Németh

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Sammy Listens Sammy Back

Video, SD-PAL, stereo, 4', 2004

Performer: Sammy Dread

Camera: Hajnal Németh

Sound: Guy Sternberg

Recorded at: LowSwing Studio, Berlin

This pieces with a simple concept – “Sammy listens Sammy back” from Hajnal Németh – a video in which a reggae singer listens to himself recording. By cutting the images and re-mixing them, the artist generates confusion. Which Sammy is singing? The listening Sammy that contentedly sings along with the images of the performance, or the performer that is completely transfixed, in his own world, with intense enjoyment nearly “gobbling up” the michrophone? A beautiful variation on the clips that stations such as MTV pour out every day.

Written by Rob Perree / Praesens 3, 2004

Photo: Hajnal Németh