Hajnal Németh

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Recording Room

Video trilogy, SD-PAL, stereo, 12', 2006

Performers: Maria Schuster, Davemann, Reggy, Luis-Jean and Reggae Band

Camera: Hajnal Németh

Sound: Lothar Jonas, Tube Station Studio, Berlin

Recorded at: Tubestation Studio, Berlin

The “Recording Room” video trilogy documents the recording process of three different songs, or more precisely, it is a short glance of insight into the lengthy process of the recording work. Although the atmosphere of the images is strongly defined by the music, the documentation goes beyond the mere representation of the studio’s atmosphere: the camera is placed directly in the recording room where it is in their raw and unmixed nature that we hear the racket of electric instruments, drowned out by the drums, or see the singers at work, exposed. In addition, the three video-etudes deal with the question of synchronicity from different aspects.

Original versions of the songs: The Upsetters “Try Me” 1970, Queen “I Want to Break Free” 1984, Bob Marley & the Wailers “Turn Your Lights Down Low” 1977


Photo: Hajnal Németh