Hajnal Németh

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Video, SD-PAL, stereo, 6', 2007

Performer: Humphrey Tieface

Camera: István Imreh

Sound: Werner Krumme and Yensin Jahn

Recorded at: PlanetRoc Studio, Berlin

In the video "Guitarsolo", the basic theme is the accentuation and replacement, the abstraction of the details of an arbitrary reality. In this case arbitrary reality is the isolated inner world of a recording studio – one of the many illusion factories –, where the meticulous work invested in arousing ecstasy is less absurd than the fact that it takes an incredible amount of time to record that little time in hope of reaching timelessness.The emphasis is on the stereotypical scenes, regrading them and rendering them visible in our twisted reality. In this approach, it is the less important or otherwise useless sections of a sound recording that are considered valuable. Such are the ambient noises of the recording work, the rustling and conversation of the technicians during the recording of a guitar solo, while the production is going on at the other side of the glass panel. The music and its recording together make up a composition, and this is what we hear. What we see, on the other hand, is a static black and white image, in which the only thing moving is the figure of the guitarist standing in the distance in the glass cage. It could be anyone.


Photo: István Imreh