Hajnal Németh

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outdoor object installation, Skulpturenpark, Berlin


Facing Eastwards

Outdoor installation for 1 month at Skulpturenpark Berlin, 2007

18-wheel white truck, orientated

Németh has parked an 18-wheel tractor trailer on one of Skulpturenpark’s lots for 3 weeks. The truck is white and faces East. Stripped of its markings and temporarily removed from its function, the truck sits on the vacant property like a still-life.Plates of coloured glass have been installed at varying distances on each side from which to view the truck. The plates provide four distinct vantages and presentations: in the dark blue of night, a sulphuric yellow fog, through a grey cloudy sky, and in the crimson of sunset. A lyrical text engraved on each glass accompanies the colours. The text and colours shift in and out of relation with the truck and each other. The installation sets up a physical and emotive poem which leads the eye 360° around the truck. The shifting focus from the truck to the text, from white to colour and back to white intimate a cinematic drama as the truck sits in restless anticipation.


Exhibition view: Skulpturenpark, Berlin, 2007

Photo: Hajnal Németh