Hajnal Németh

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concert performance


Butterfly - Version 2

Installation, concert performance

Whiteconcepts Gallery, Berlin, 2018

Object installation, two panels placed in the corner of the space at eye level, 60x60 cm each,
one glass mirror and one matt black acrylic sheet with engraved text, lyrics written backwards,
Three Of A Perfect Pair (King Crimson, 1984)

Concert performance, 20 min
Concept: Hajnal Németh
Performers: Christian Bringzen (electric guitar), Albert Orgon (vocal)

The performance Butterfly #2 is an adaptation of the song Three Of A Perfect Pair (King Crimson, 1984). Sequences of the score, guitar and vocal parts are interpreted in different variations playing simultaneously the original melody and its note by note mirrored version.

Photo: Hajnal Németh